Programmatic OOH advertising

Digital Out Of Home advertising - Experiential, personalized messages for your target audience

Programmatic OOH advertising

Digital Out Of Home advertising - Experiential, personalized messages for your target audience
Brands and clients promoted in OOH campaigns

An immersive advertising experience

The new generation of advertising

IRF Solutions is at the forefront of advertising. Our innovative technology enables the creation of interactive and intelligent advertising campaigns. Our services revolutionize traditional advertising and deliver personalized messages to your target audience. By combining interactive displays with modern technologies, we make the advertising experience unforgettable.

Personalized messages and emotional connection

The solutions provided by IRF Solutions offer not just advertising, but experiences. Our application's intelligent system analyses viewers' behavior, age, gender and mood to deliver personalized messages. This unique approach generates outstanding attention and interaction with advertising. Our aim is to help our clients stand out from the crowd and build a strong brand through personalized advertising campaigns that create an emotional connection.

How the system works

Perception and identification

Our system uses a number of sensors, including a camera, to detect the presence of people in front of the display. Our AI-based facial recognition sensor identifies individuals, determining their gender, age and mood. Using these sensors, our system continuously monitors and analyses the behavior and characteristics of viewers.

Data processing and analysis

The data collected by the facial recognition sensor is transmitted in real time to AI algorithms. Our algorithms analyze and process the data, compare it with a database and determine the viewers' characteristics and preferences. Based on the data, our system generates personalized messages that focus on viewers' interests and needs.

Content management and presentation

Our intelligent system dynamically manages and updates the personalized messages generated. Our interactive displays allow interaction with viewers, for example by responding to touch or other sensors. Our system changes and customizes the content displayed based on fresh data and interactions.

Analytics and performance monitoring

Our intelligent system continuously monitors campaign performance and collects data. We present real-time results and analytics reports in an easy-to-use interface. Data can be exported for further analysis and reporting.

Interactive Out Of Home
creative campaigns

"The informant" series campaign

Creative promoted a film series that launched on HBO Max with unique, interactive content. The goal was to astonish and raise awareness while the system also counted viewers. The character, shown on a 75" display, filled the entire CityLight advertising showcase, complete with an outdoor speaker, and "addressed" passersby at stops based on facial cues from a built-in camera. The 4K quality of the footage, with a well-timed sequence of pre-recorded shots adapted to the time of day and the events in front of the display, captivated the viewer.

Interactive Coca-Cola Zero campaign: 'Monsters' on CityLight

This special interactive OOH campaign promoted Coca-Cola Zero in a unique way. IRF Solutions installed 75" displays on CityLight billboards at busy tram stops in Budapest. The display featured a rotating Coca-Cola can, around which, when the built-in camera detected a passerby, "monsters" appeared "trying" to "steal" the Coca-Cola Zero can. As soon as the passerby looked at the advertisement, the monsters stopped and only resumed their action when the viewer looked away. The creative captured people's attention, promoting Coca-Cola Zero in an interactive way.

Smiling-counter creative campaign

The interactive creative worked by displaying a smiley emoji on a monitor in a CityLight display case instead of the faces recognized, depending on how much the passerby smiled at the camera. The system counted the number of smiling faces, measuring the success of the campaign. Our interactive smile metering system worked for two weeks and collected data at tram stops 4 and 6 at Margaret Bridge, Buda Bridge Station. The interactive screen made the passers-by cheerful.

Digital creative: advertising layouts running on live street images

We built a creative campaign by transforming the City Light at a busy tram stop in Gellért Square, Budapest. The campaign used a large 75" display combined with a live streaming camera behind the sign. The live image was periodically augmented with a special layer that created graffiti-style "dirty" or "noisy" effects on the display - a reminder of the unpleasantness of a headache. The next layer was a "push-button" controlled way of representing the advertised medicine with a cleaned-up image. The campaign provided a unique experience, with the iconic Gellért Hotel also featured in the live image, creating a unique visual with details of the street. The concept of the installation really brought the city to life!

End to end creative campaign management

Full management from design to implementation!

Campaign planning and strategic advice

IRF Solutions offers its clients a full creative campaign management service, starting with the concept and strategy development. Our experienced team will help you understand your client's needs and objectives, and find the best ways to achieve an effective and dynamic campaign.

Creative implementation and results-driven measurement

Based on the concept and strategy, our experts focus on creative implementation. We create innovative and compelling campaign elements that capture the interest and attention of your target audience. We also focus on monitoring and measuring campaign effectiveness so that clients can see real-time results and optimize their campaigns.

What are the benefits of a creative campaign?

The magic of targeted and dynamic messages

Programmatic digital OOH advertising allows you to reach your target audience in a precise and personalized way. They deliver dynamic messages on digital displays that respond to data and environmental factors that change in real time. The combination of creative content and programming creates a unique and effective advertising experience.

Real-time data and optimization

Programmatic digital OOH advertising uses real-time data to optimize advertising campaigns. Real-time data is used to tailor messages and creative content to be relevant and effective. Optimization enables ads to respond quickly to changing environmental factors and audience needs.

Effective location-specific advertising

Programmatic digital OOH advertising enables site-specific targeting of campaigns. Using data and programming, ads are tailored to the exact location, time and audience movement. This increases relevance and effectiveness, resulting in higher reach and conversions.

Creative flexibility and interactivity

Programmatic digital OOH advertising offers creative flexibility and interactivity. They can respond to viewer interactions, such as touch or movement, and create enjoyable, engaging experiences. The diversity of creative solutions allows brands to stand out and deliver memorable experiences to their audiences.

A kampányok eredménye a brandépítés

Programmatic digital OOH advertising is a powerful tool for effective brand building and campaigns. Personalized and dynamic messages make your brand memorable for your audience. Campaign results can be measured and optimized continuously, increasing long-term success and increasing ROI.

OOH audience mesaurement

The RVC service is used to collect and analyze pedestrian traffic data in busy urban CityLigt advertising environments. It helps to measure the pulsation, periodicity and consistency of urban foot traffic and to track the effectiveness of specific campaigns. It can be used to make decisions that optimize advertising campaigns.

Technology services

Frontend development

IRF Solutions' frontend development services guarantee not only a stunning experience but also a successful online presence.
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Backend development

High-performance, scalable and secure server-side solutions to keep your applications running smoothly.
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Devops infrastructure development

Infrastructure, development and operations optimization for faster, more efficient and continuous software development and deployment.
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UX-UI design

We focus on designing intuitive, aesthetic and easy-to-use applications to optimize user experience and surface design.
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Webapp development

We offer custom responsive web application design and implementation using state-of-the-art technologies and frameworks.
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Website Building

We offer the creation of professional, responsive and search engine optimized websites that perfectly serve our clients' business goals.
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Our team

Knowledge and collaboration

Our versatile and dedicated team

IRF Solutions is proud on its versatile, creative and results-oriented staff, who work together on a wide variety of projects across the industry. UX/UI designers, frontend and backend developers, quality assurance testers, product and project managers make up the coordinated team that is the key to effective and successful projects.

Collaborating experts

The team of experts at IRF Solutions is always collaborative and thinks together to deliver projects. Communication and collaboration are essential elements of the workflow that help to manage projects effectively and achieve successful results.


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