Our innovative IoT solutions are driving market players towards creative sales.

We don't need to demonstrate the importance of IoT. Connected smart devices communicate with each other and therefore with us, the users - to make our lives easier and more automated. They collect, send and analyse data and even take predefined actions without external intervention. For various environmental, cost-saving and convenience reasons, there will be a wide spread increase in their use in the near future, just think of the importance of smart lighting or smart heating.

We believe that this revolutionary technology will not be limited to healthcare, banking or building management, but it will be applied also in advertising. However, it is important to highlight: such as any IT system that handles data, security and reliability are particularly important, since our most treasured data is at the target of cyber-attacks. That is why at IRF we place particular measures against physical and virtual attacks. Our customers can be 100% sure that their data is safe.

Artificial intelligence based visitor counting

Camera image based operation

Increasing market pressures, as in other areas of media, would like to turn outdoor advertising measurable, which could also lead to an increase in its value. The results of the existing IoT solutions on the market are below the expectations, mainly due to specific conditions. In 2018-19, IRF has gained massive experience in DOOH R&D IoT university project to address occuring problems in areas such outdoor advertising, GDPR, single counting of the same person, local adaptation, on-site data processing and complex analytics.

Distinctive features

Impressive possibilities

Interactive Out Of Home creative campaigns

Wouldn't it be great if you could differentiate your outdoor advertising by target audience? Technological advances now allow not only an infinite amount of video content to run on screens, but also different content to be shown to different target audiences. How? The camera differentiates viewers according to age, gender, mood (respecting all GDPR requirements) and plays the content that is most appropriate for the viewer. Thanks to its innovative technology, it responds to the audience, making completely impersonal Out of Home interfaces unique and personal. Our systems are easy and cost-effective to install. Use a real 21st century technology for ultra-modern campaigns!

„The informator” series campaign

A film series promoted with unique, interactive content. The aim was to astonish and raise awareness, while the system also counted the viewers. A character on a 75" display filled the entire citylight advertising showcase, completed with an outdoor speaker, using a built-in camera to "address" passersby at tram stops. The 4K quality of the video, with a well-timed sequence of pre-recorded shots adapted to the time of day and the events in front of the display, grabbed the viewers' attention.

Smiling-counter creative campaign

The interactive creative used a monitor mounted in a citylight display case and replaced the recognized faces with a smiley emoji, depending on how much the person walking into the camera view was smiling. The system counted the smiling faces, measuring the success of the campaign. Our interactive smile counting system worked for two weeks and collected data at the Margit Bridge Buda side tram stops 4 and 6. The interactive screen made the passers-by cheerful.

Successful campaigns

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